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Join me in a Gourd Art Workshop! 

This Spring & Summer I have  workshops in:

Check my calendar for details.  If you are interested in a workshop closer to you email me: [email protected]

What is gourd art?

(See some of my gourd art by clicking here)

In my Beginner Gourd Art Workshop students take the first steps on the incredible path of gourd art!  I show how a gourd is transformed from vegetable to vase.  Each student is provided with a craft - ready gourd, and the fun begins as we transform those gourds into pieces of art.  From here, the sky is the limit!

Nature's Pottery

The beauty of a gourd is that it is a gift  from Mother Nature, who welcomes us to shape, enhance, and adorn it into a beautiful piece of art!

The most fascinating gourd art is true partnership with Mother Nature, in which the gourd's unique qualities are explored and indulged.

 An incredible organic material, gourds can be carved on, cut out, burned, dyed, painted, inlaid, woven on, appliqued… the possibilities are endless!

In the Beginner Gourd Art Workshop

In the Beginner Gourd Art Workshop we utilize several of the gourd's unique qualities as we create.

The gourd's cavity becomes a vase for dried or silk florals!

The gourd's "soft wood" characteristic becomes a platform for wood burning!

The gourd's non-porous shell becomes a canvas for brilliant alcohol inks!

A great place to start your gourd art adventure!

Each student will learn a great deal about gourd work, will bring home a beautiful piece of original gourd art, and will have a fabulous time in the two - hour workshop.  So come to meet fellow creative adventurers & bring a friend along!  I look forward to meeting you!  Check my calendar for upcoming workshops!