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What I call "Wood-Quilting" is among my very favorite endeavors!  Marrying the feminine beauty of fabric with the rugged texture of wood creates a piece that inspires even as it is being built.  The finished piece is one you will relish for both its unique beauty and its versatile functionality!


3-Way Trays


Frolic’s 3-Way Trays are Wood-burned with beautiful designs on both sides!

One side is then stained, adorned with magnificent fabrics, and varnished to be used for serving crackers, nuts,  dips, or desserts.

The flip side, also with its graceful wood-burned design, is treated with protective mineral oil and then used to slice & serve hard cheeses.

The 3rd Use is Obvious ~ either side, simply standing on your counter-top,  is  joyful art! 

At this time, 3-Way Trays are available only at shows.


Serving Trays


Wood-Quilted Serving trays are a joy to use!

Their beautiful, wood-quilted designs will enchant you and your guests as you bring food out from the kitchen to the patio or fireside!

Their understated design & hardware make them a breeze to clean and brings the artistic qualities of the piece to the forefront.

At this time Serving Trays are available only at shows.


Tree Ornaments


These wood-quilted ornaments, created on cuts from birch branches, have a rustic charm that will warm your heart on those chilly December nights!

At this time Wood-Quilted Ornaments are available only seasonally at shows.  

The Wood-Quilting Process
See how it's done!

Step 1


First, I prepare the wood.

I cut each piece to the size I want, sand the surface, and shape the sides and edges.

Step 2


Next, I draw each original design onto

a piece of wood that I have already

cut, sanded and prepared.

Step 3


Next, I burn the intricate design

into the wood, often using a

variety of tips and henna-nspired 

design elements.


Step 4


When the wood-burning is done, I stain the board with one or more colors of wood stain.


Step 5


After several coats of stain have been

applied the real fun begins - it's time 

to choose, cut, and fuse the fabric for

each part of the tray! 

Step 6


Once all fabric has been 

attached the wood gets many

coats of varnish and any

hardware needed.

Finally, it is ready for 


Wood-Quilting - Every Step of the Way!
Watch a slide show of many of my Wood-Quilted pieces being made - from drawing out the original designs through the whole creative process and right to the market table!

  • There are always interruptions!
    There are always interruptions!
  • I'm so lucky to have my little "speed bumps"!
    I'm so lucky to have my little "speed bumps"!

What Artists are saying about 




"I really love your work, especially your wood boards, you have a fantastic sense of composition and color."

~ Bernadette Sheridan

Click above for more of Bernadette's work!


All proceeds from Frolic Crafts are used to care for our many rescued animals.

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Thanks to the generous patronage of Frolic Customers we were able to take in 2 rescue horses at the end of last year!

All Frolic proceeds are used to care for our many rescued animals.

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