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Tattooed Spoons & Salad Sets

Frolic's Tattooed Spoons & Salad Sets add such unique richness to  your nest!

Yes, they are completely practical - use them as you would use any wooden utensil. 

But enjoy them like you do no other - they are a work of art in themselves, and add that special flair to your decor!

Frolic's Tattooed Spoons & Salad Sets are entirely original and   wood-burned with exquisite detail for your delight! 

While each one is based on the original design pictured, it will also be one of  a kind, with artistic variations in individual features.

Why toil in the kitchen when you can frolic?

Available Designs

They are available now in the Poppy Design (see description below, in the Poppy Spoon Section) but you are also welcome to request a different design theme. 

Tattooed Salad Set


 Frolic's Tattooed Salad Sets are NEW!  They are the perfect way to add a little handcrafted magic to your table, and are generously shaped to make serving your salad a breeze!

Owl Symbolism:

In multiple cultures the owl has become a symbol of soulful, mysterious wisdom, truth and femininity.  

Owl Design


The Owl Design is created with an artsy owl on the bowl of the spoon and a simple henna style design on the back.

You will love it!


Seahorse Symbolism:

The seahorse is a symbol of strength, power & protection.

In fact, the ancient Europeans believed that the seahorse carried the souls of deceased sailors to the underworld - giving them safe passage until they met their soul's destination.

Seahorse / Shell



The Seahorse / Shell Design is created in a henna-style, with a 

seahorse on the bowl of the spoon and a simple henna style design on the back.

Perfect for the ocean lover!



Elephant Design


The Elephant Design is intended to conjure all the beauty, sincerity & merriment of elephants!  Created in a henna- inspired style, it is sure to please!

Choose from two styles: trumpeting elephant or serene elephant.

Each one includes a simple henna style design on the back.

Elephant Symbolism:

The elephant is a symbol of strength, honor, stability and patience.   Throughout Asian cultures they represent happiness, longevity, & good luck.

Peacock Symbolism

The peacock is a powerful symbol in many cultures.  In India the magnificent bird is a symbol of love & beauty.

Early Christian cultures saw the peacock as a sign of vitality, immortality & eternal paradise.  The eyes on the peacock’s tail have been likened to stars & associated with the heavens.

Peacock Design


The Peacock design displays an artistic  peacock, fanning its feathers on the front, and a simple henna style design.


Songbird Symbolism:

The songbird is a symbol of solitude, poetry, spring, & freedom.  They are associated, of course, with music as well as the protection of both sailors and soldiers.

Songbird Design


The Songbird Design displays a henna - style songbird on the front and a simple henna style design on the back.


Frog Or Fish Design


The Frog & Fish Designs display a henna - style Frog or an artistic Fish design on the front and a simple henna style design on the back.


Frog & Fish Symbolism:

The frog and fish are both symbols of transformation.     Also, the Celts recognized frogs as having cleansing, healing powers while  the Norse connected fish with ideals of adaptability, determination, and the flow of life.    In Western cultures both frogs and fish are connected with Christianity, specifically the Holy Trinity & having Faith in miracles. 

Poppy Symbolism

Poppies are known to symbolize  beauty, magic, imagination, consolation, & fertility!

Poppies are also considered to bring great pleasure, success, peace, and delicious rest, especially following a difficult challenge or high stress.

Poppy Flower 



The Poppy Flower design is created with henna - styled poppies on front and a simple henna style design on the back. 




The Dragonfly design is created with an artsy dragonfly &  cattails.

Dragonfly Symbolism:

Throughout the world the dragonfly symbolizes positive change, light and personal growth. 

It is said to bring lightness and joy to those it visits. 

Paisley Design


The Paisley Design is created with a multitude of highly - detailed paisley patterns on the front and a simple henna style design on the back.

Rich with detail, it is sure to become a favorite!

Sun / Moon



The Sun / Moon design is created with a gorgeously intricate sun rise image on the front and an enchanting moon design on the back.

Whether you use it morning or night it will inspire gourmet delights!


Chicken / 

Rooster Design


The Chicken / Rooster designs are absolutely charming, detailed with artsy henna elements that make them truly exquisite!  Choose whether you prefer chickens or a rooster for the front.  Both sport a simple henna design on the back.

Chicken / Rooster Symbolism

The Spirit of a the Hen is said to bring blessings of providence, motherhood, harmony and nourishment.

The rooster is also a powerful  symbol, representing courage, vigilance & strength.

Together, the Rooster & Hen represent a dynamic & harmonious balance.

What better way to start your Saturday than with pancakes stirred up with a little "cock-a-doodle-doo"?





The Christmas Designs will get you singing carols in no time!

A Jolly Santa face, complete with swirly beard, or, if you prefer, one of his magical flying reindeer leaping into flight.  Both designs have a henna snowflake design on the back.

Your Christmas Cookies will be even more fun to make with this oh-so-merry spoon!   

What Frolic Customers are saying about 
Tattooed Spoons

"I got the delivery – the spoons look even better in person! I LOVE them, and now I want to keep both the flower one, as well as the owl one!  I may need to buy more!"  ~ Maria; Clinton, NJ

"These spoons are BEAUTIFUL!!! 
The detail, the quality of the spoon itself ... I really, really love them! "  ~ Janet; Hillsdale, NJ


All Frolic Crafts proceeds are used to care for our many rescued animals.

The purchase of one Tattooed Spoon provides 4 days worth of hay for Moondance!


Thank you for your support!

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Each item comes with a note about how it was made and the rescued animals that it's purchaser provided for.

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