Fiber Bling Necklaces Fiber Bling Necklaces 100% hand-crafted by yours truly! Each Fiber Bling Necklace is hand-crocheted by me! 190600992 Gorgeous yarn! The specialty yarn I use is of the highest quality. Most of it is imported from Italy! 190600996 A lush but never bulky design I use 8 strands of specialty yarn, for a total of more than 40 feet of fiber! 190600995 Durability is one of my highest priorities! Once all 8 crocheted ?chains? are made, they are sewn together by hand. 190600993 Beauty mixed with durability is the best! The hardware adds the finishing touch, making these necklaces both durable and easy to wear. 190600994 Voila! The result is at once glamorous and honest! It generously provides all the color and texture of a scarf with the elegant simplicity and light, year-round wearability of a necklace! 190600997