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Finishing up the Songbird Board

Posted by Beth Kane on April 2, 2015 at 12:10 AM

These days I have been finishing up the Songbird board for Spring!

I added a swirly wood-burned tree to the back... it looks just like the trees outside my studio window - just getting ready for spring leaves!  I can hardly wait to see the buds popping!

Next, I stained the front with 2 coats of wood stain...

Once the stain was set I chose some vivid fabrics, cut them to size, and fused them to the wood...

Almost finished...

The varnishing step is a long one... to protect the piece from wear and tear and to give it the finish it deserves, I will add 12 or more coats of varnish before the project is complete.  The first two coats require a 24-hour set period before the following coats can be applied.  Those last 10 + coats can be applied in 4 - hour intervals.

When the final coat of varnish has been applied I will treat the flip side with 4 coats of mineral oil, to prepare it for use.

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