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Wild Horses are Back!

Posted by Beth Kane on July 28, 2014 at 2:00 PM

I made my first "Wild Horses" Wood-Quilted Tray years ago, and now it's BACK!  The spirit and beauty of these strong yet elegant animals makes them irresistable, and the photo of that original tray has received a lot of attention in my Photo Gallery lately.  This time, though, the Wild Horses are galloping on a new product of mine: A 3-Way Board!  Use the wood-quilted side as a serving tray for cheese spreads & crackers, the flip side as a cutting board for bread or block cheeses, and simply place it against your backsplash or hang it on your kitchen wall as art when it's off-duty!  I'll be making lots of the 3-Way Trays for the Fall Season... look for them at the Craft Boutique at Moyer Farmhouse or at one of my upcoming shows!

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