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All Proceeds from Frolic Crafts are Used to Care for our Many Rescued Animals
Thank you for Your Support!

 Thank you for your interest in my work!  My name is Beth Kane, and I design and create all Frolic products at my home studio in a rural farm community of Hunterdon County, New Jersey.

Frolic was born from a passion for color, texture, and all that is good in life!  It was developed as a business in order to fund my passion for animal rescue.  All proceeds from Frolic Crafts are used to support our 11 rescued animals - dogs, cats, horses, and a house rabbit who frolics with them all!  

When I am not crafting or taking care of the animals I am learning animal massage or practicing pet therapy.  Whether on horses, dogs, or rabbits, animal massage goes a long way in helping stressed animals to regain confidence, joy, and non-defensive behavior.  Pet therapy does the same for people!  I have trained Daisy as a pet therapy dog, and together we visit those who are unable to have pets of their own but who get so much out of interacting with animals.  None of this would be possible without Frolic Crafts! Click here to read my blog post on how Frolic came to be. 

 Thank you for visiting my site, and for your interest in Frolic Crafts!

Our newest additions are 2 wonderful horses!   Thank you for making this adoption possible!

Meet Moondance!

Meet Pumpkin!

An enormous "thank you!" goes out to all Frolic customers for your support as we take on the enormous challenge of rescuing horses!

They arrived at our home at the end of December, 2014.

  These two deserving guys are here entirely through your encouragement and patronage.  Without you they would not be here under our protective care, preparing to walk the beautiful local trails without a worry.

Many don't realize how relevant horse rescue is, but horses are regularly surrendered by their owners due to financial concerns, changing priorities, or limited performance abilities.  Many have nowhere to go.  

Super-smart Moondance has some trust issues stemming from past abuse,  but he is learning to trust again here at Riverside Farm.  Sweet, affectionate Pumpkin was rescued from terrible neglect,  700 lbs underweight.  He also lives with a chronic lameness issue that stemmed from injuries during his racing career.

They are both worth a million to us! 

Thanks to you, Frolic profits can cover Pumpkin's and Moondance's material needs, and you know our hearts are wide open to do the rest! 

Meet My Muses!

In return for the loving-care that my animals receive at our home they generously inspire me with their simple wisdom and soulfulness.


Meet Colby...

Colby teaches me to approach everything and everyone with care and sensitivity.  She is our nurse-dog, who dotes on any person or animal who is sick or in distress and will not leave their side until they are well again.

Meet Zac...

Zac teaches me to look and feel deeply, where all the good stuff is.  He is a very sensitive cat, and looking in his eyes, you get the sense that he has an old soul, with a deep well of wisdom and heart to share.


Meet Jake...

Jake teaches me to always breathe deep and give thanks, for life is good!  Jake spent much of his young life in shelters, and was brought north from Georgia when a wonderful woman donated enough money to temporarily halt euthanasia in the kill shelter where he was living.  When I walked and massaged him as a rescue volunteer, I could see how deeply grateful he was.  Jake has savored every breath, step, leap, romp, swim, ball, bone, and nap ever since!


Meet Elvis...

Elvis teaches me hope.  He and his sister, Olive, were the only surviving kittens at a construction site accident before their eyes were even fully opened.  While death would have been a likely outcome for them, I know their mother cat would have hoped for the miracle of a different, happier fate.  And though she may never have known it to come true for them, that is exactly what her babies got when they were brought to our door for bottle feeding and life-long loving care.


Meet Little Friend...

Little Friend teaches me to appreciate the power of love, and not to miss even one bit of its bliss once you have found it!  This sweetheart was thrown aside twice in his little life - once onto harsh city streets and other time surrendered to a shelter - but he is the very, very best friend a person could have, and he doesn't pass up a single chance to share his gigantic heart!


 Meet Zoe...

Zoe teaches me both pride and forgiveness.  She is a truly elegant girl who knows who she is.  Still, she is generous, and never holds a grudge.  Miss Zoe will crawl, purring sweetly into our laps again and again, no matter how many times we aggravate her by clipping her nails or brushing out her long, tangley hair.



Meet Blitzen...

Blitzen teaches me cheerful resilience.  This guy makes it a point to enjoy every hop, every day, no matter what!  He was kept as a pet, then abandoned to the great outdoors, where he would easily have fallen prey to the same coyotes he would have no doubt tried to befriend.  This sweet rabbit is too fearless for his own good, and can't seem to imagine that anyone would ever want to do anyone else harm.  I like Blitzen's world very much, and I vow to do what I can to make it a reality.


Meet Butterscotch...

Butters teaches me to be still.  He is careful about where he puts himself, and once there he knows not to mess with a good thing!  He is loyal, affectionate, and confident.  Butterscotch embraces the tenet, "Live and let live".  He doesn't get involved in petty conflicts or politics.  If only the rest of the world followed his lead!


Meet Sadie...

Sadie teaches me flexibility.  This little girl has been through a lot, and she shines on through it all.  Her past is a rough one, but despite that she is one of those sweet cats who just soaks up love.  She adores the friendship of her own kind, and she is not afraid to ask for a snuggle from Elvis, Butterscotch, or Blitzen.  These kind gentlemen have learned, in turn, the value of a good hug!  While Sadie has what it takes to be an independent survivor, she sure knows how to ask for a little love to brighten her day!

Meet Daisy...

Daisy teaches me quiet leadership and patience.   She can calm any animal quarrel peacefully and seamlessly simply by standing between the two aggravated parties, not uttering a word or passing a bit of judgement.  And she makes sure everyone is safe and sound, too, corralling all the other dogs when they become tempted to run after deer, making sure the cats don't get out the door... I count on Daisy's help and intelligence every day.  And does she love being a country dog!  Despite the burrs it puts in her long and beautiful coat, this girl knows the joy of a starlit sky or a rejuvenating walk along the river!




 Stay tuned to see what we learn from our next rescue adventure!




Spirit Muses

Just as important to me as the animals I share my home with are those that I share my heart with, even after they have passed.  They are still teaching me their valuable lessons, still filling my heart to over-flowing, and a day does not go by when I don't think of them, thank them, and feel a little tug in my heart as I see them in their favorite spots, if only in my mind's eye.



Meet River...

My Riv teaches me the infinite beauty of kindness.  Loving beyond loving, she had a way of soothing the most anxious heart, with her silky-soft touch and her sweet, attentive voice.  She asked for very little, and enjoyed a quiet life.  In fact, few people even knew she was here.  Even so, her life meant more than the most famed star or visible extrovert.  She taught me that whether or not we are well-known has no bearing on how powerful we are.


Meet Bunny...

Miss Bunn taught me perseverance and a sense of humor!  This girl always made us smile and laugh out loud, just by being her cheerful self.  She struggled with so many medical obstacles, but she was always upbeat, always a joy, and always brings a smile to my face.


  Meet Olive...

Oh, does Olive teach me spunk!  She knew that life must be lived, and live it she did!  She was funny and bold, full of affection and jest.  Olive was always herself, and I thin of her every time I am tempted to put on a mask and act like someone I am not.

Meet Gwenevere...

Gwen taught me love!  She was our original.  Our very first pet as grown-ups, and oh, how we loved her so!  She continues to warm my heart with memories of play, of naps in the sun, of the best company you could ask for.  Gwen taught us the vulnerability of unwanted animals, and oh how valuable and want-worthy they are!

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